Building, customizing or adding high performance to Harley Davidson

Today building, customizing or adding high performance to your Harley Davidson motorcycle is so much easier than in the past, there was no websites like in the last century. Funny I’m only talking 12-15 years ago.   Back in the old days there was no internet were you could search for all the parts you need, instructions how to do it and videos showing you exactly what you need to do.

I remember building my first big inch Shovelhead back in and 1977 or 78. After many phone calls, letters and trips to Minneapolis and Daytona I was able to locate all the parts I needed to build a 98 plus inch shovelhead. The stock Harley Shovel cases couldn’t take S&S big bore cylinders so I had STD cast me up a set of cases, then I had to modify the cases for the S&S 5 inch stroke flywheels. A buddy of mine Hunky John did an amazing set of heads and I toped things off with an S&S L carburetor and an Andrews Z grind cam. The bike was fast as F#@k but so hard to start. If I didn’t get it started by the third kick I was in trouble. I still have that motor (with new cases) and am building a new bike using a Paugcho rubber mount frame with a 6 speed transmission. You think I would have learned by now a Shovelhead is a Troublehead LOL, but I still love them. I will keep you posted with update pictures.We are so fortunate today if we want to customize, repair or add Performance to our Harley motorcycles, there are so many more resources.

If you have a desire or need for your bike check out my website and let us know how we can help you achieve your 2 wheel goals. CONTACT ME and I will get back ASAP.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

- Yale

Harley- Shuttle BagDifferent view: Harley customizationCustomzing Halry Davidson - Shovelhead

Shuttle Bag - Harley Davidson - BackviewGiving final tocuhes - Harley DavidsonYales on customized motorcycle 


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